NewConsort is a multi-asset blockchain-based exchange that will enable investors to learn about and trade a wide range of financial products such as cryptocurrencies, equities and commodities. NewConsort will prove its business model in the cryptocurrency market before an expansion into other digital assets

Improving accessibility addressing the challenges that students face in acquiring a great trading based education. We recognize that overcoming obstacles is an important part of growing. However, we also believe that creating a global marketplace can assist people in accessing education options.


NewConsort’s mission is to be at the forefront of Cryptocurrency trading and education and ensure that we are leading the charge towards the mass adoption of blockchain technology

The NewConsort platform will make it possible for millions of people to learn, connect and trade in ways traditional products, services and companies never can.


Liquidity aggregation from multiple exchanges to ensure best trade rates

Fast order execution up to 1,200,000 tx/sec

Microservice architecture

Multi-asset trading

Our Purpose

Portfolio overview and management

Technical analysis tools

The primary objective of NewConsort is to decrease risks for new investors through coached investment strategies and allow all parties to profit.
NewConsort will enable students and educators to interact directly and participate in the exchange of education and learning, without the involvement of intermediaries.

The Difference

Say goodbye to the middle man and hello to empowered individuals. This is a new asset class and deserves a new approach to investment.

NewConsort is a safe and easy to understand educational investment platform that will enable hassle-free investment with expert coaching.

The NewConsort network is poised to bring significant and lasting change to trading and financial product markets by creating the first educational based trading platform.


Platform Roles

Participants in the NewConsort platform are divided into “subscribers/users” and “providers/coaches” They can be institutional investors, traders, or individuals.


Subscribers/Users are new investors who want to learn about trading and the market and or persons who wish to subscribe to accessing our top level advisers.

The Exchange

The platform exchange will obtain shards automatically with the application of X.509 certificates. All certificates will be provided by third parties but the registry of them will be stored in a public blockchain registry (preliminary EmerSSL or directly in Ethereum/Bitcoin blockchains).


The core security element of the exchange platform is private wallet key sharding. Keys will be sharded into 11 pieces each. All shards will be stored in different storages that are enclaved in containers. Platform wallets must obtain 10 of 11 shards to sign any transaction outside it.



Allocation Details
Average daily trading volume

The most important data for the estimation of any crypto trading related business is the average daily trade volume of cryptocurrencies.

Over large time frames, normalized data on trading volumes reveals high spikes with huge volatility but an overall increase.

Key statistics on market growth based on floating average:

It's now possible for anyone As the NewConsort business model also involves e-learning activities, some data related to it should be evaluated as well due to its ability to generate revenue.

According to Statista, the global e-learning market in 2014 grew up to $165 million US dollars, with a market size forecast of $243 million by 2022. Compound Annual Growth Rate is 4.9%.

Q2 2018

Business Idea

Sequence and Design of the NewConsort Idea. Build our Team. ICO Agreement Signed. Short Term goals plan with KPI's.

Q3 2018

Company Start

Company Established. Begin Partnership Negotiations. Team building and expanding the company network.

Q4 2018

Development start

Exchange platform and AI interface development commencement. Smart contract Development. ICO Website launch. Whitepaper finalized. Crypto Wallet Development. Marketing Campaign.

Q1 2019

Private Sale

Private Presale commencement. Partnership agreements finalized. Training and education modules finalized.

Q2 2019

Release Beta

Crypto wallet released. Post ICO legal. Listing on Major Exchanges. NewConsort Platform Beta Platform released. Development of integrated Crypto debit card.

Q3 2019

Platform Launch

NewConsort Platform Launch. Begin monthly release off new tokens on exchange. Launch NewConsort Debit Card. Marketing expansion to other markets emerging markets.

Q4 2019

Company Growth

Continued expansion of user base. Develop transferable platform on other asset classes.

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