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is using blockchain technology to disrupt the loyalty rewards industry with easy to use applications, extremely low costs to merchants and immediate value for consumers.

The platform leverages both the existing hardened distributed database technology with blockchain characteristics using the Ethereum ERC-20 Token Standard that offers decentralized control, immutability and creation and movement of digital assets.

Our Goals for 2018

Zenoshi is a digital token that uses the Ethereum erc-20 standard. Zenoshi tokens can be earned, redeemed, or gifted. In our application, tokens represent a reward system complimenting various actions that you would normally use reward points for today.
The purpose of Zenoshi is to be establish a universal reward token for consumers, an advertising and marketing platforms, and brands (merchants) to acquire new customers.
Zenoshi can be accessed through an iOS and Android application that will allow consumers to redeem their receipts for purchases universally. Upon redemption, Zenoshi Inc will reward the consumer with tokenized rewards, solving the problem with juggling multiple rewards systems across various industries. These rewards will show up on their app and may be used on the rewards website. Eventually, all rewards on the website will be available on the app.



Blockchain Technology

In order to facilitate the wide scale use by millions of participants, the Zenoshi rewards platform is based on the principles of a permissioned blockchain. The platform leverages both existing database technology and blockchain characteristics using the Ethereum ERC-20 Token Standard.

Centralized Rewards

Zenoshi tokens can be earned, redeemed, or gifted. The tokens represent a reward through various actions, like scanning receipts, redeeming air miles, or referring others while using our system.

Zenoshi Electronic Wallet

By natively integrating Zenoshi and the Zenoshi Wallet inside the Reward App, Zenoshi has the capability to become the most adopted and frequently used reward system used worldwide. For consumers, the value created can never expire or be taken away as each token will be a part of the decentralized blockchain.

Legal Compliance

The Zenoshi Token is not being designed as a cryptocurrency, instead it will be identified as a tokenized reward program with the rewards being registered on the blockchain. We are taking every step to ensure Zenoshi will be fully compliant with all regulations every step of the way to hopefully provide our investors with some piece of mind.

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